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Foaming Concrete Destroyer 32 oz Spray

Foaming Concrete Destroyer 32 oz Spray

Foaming Concrete Destroyer 32 oz Spray

Manufacturer: Diteq
Product ID 100335
Price: $252.00
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Foaming Concrete Destroyer 32 oz Spray (SOLD IN QUANTITIES OF 6)


Concrete saw with a buildup of dried concrete slurry residue prior to spray application of Concrete Destroyer. Concrete has been dried on for several months. Concrete Destroyer penetrates and attacks the portland cement causing fizzing and foaming action. Concrete dissolves and loosens from the saw.


Clean concrete saw after being rinsed with a high-pressure garden water hose. 8 minutes time elapsed from start to finish.


Concrete Destroyer utilizes state of the art surfactant technology and small molecular size to penetrate deep inside concrete residues and react from within.

Through this technology Concrete Destroyer attacks the Portland cement and softens it to a mush. This softened mushy material will release from the surface so it can be washed away with water.


  • Environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable! Uses organic salts and surfactants!
  • No toxic fumes! Works without harmful chemicals and acids.
  • Does not contain muriatic, sulfuric, phosphoric, hydrofluoric or hydrochloric acids.
  • Concrete Destroyer is VOC compliant.
  • Is less corrosive so it can be used on most metal, painted and plastic surfaces.
  • Available in 32 oz. spray bottles,
  • 1-gallon bottles
  • 5-gallon buckets
  • and 55-gallon drums

How to Use Concrete Destroyer

  • The product comes ready to use - no mixing required.
  • Apply product at full strength with a pump sprayer or brush or submerge the parts/trowels to be cleaned in a 5-gallon bucket of Concrete Destroyer.
  • Allow Concrete Destroyer to penetrate area for 5 to 10 minutes. A fizzing action ensures the product is working. When the fizzing subsides the product has completed its cycle and the parts are ready to be rinsed with a high-pressure water hose.

CHEMICAL USEConcrete Slurry Removal
CONTAINER SIZE32 oz Spray Bottle
MADE INUnited States
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