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Construction Equipment

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Core Drills

Hand-Held Core Drills, Compact & Cased Drills, ABV Core Drills, Pro Series Core Drills, Hydraulic Core Drills, Exco-KwikCore, Exco-KwikCore Accessories

Grinding & Polishing Equipment

Concrete Grinder TEQ-Lok, Grinder with Plate, Polisher Variable Speed

Hand Saws & Wall Saws

Green Concrete Saws, Hydraulic Hand Saws, Handheld Concrete Saws, Electric Hand Saws, and Flush Cut Conversion Kits.

Hydraulic Tools & Accesories

Breakers & Rock Drills, Hydraulic Power Packs, Core Drills, Ring Saws, Curb Cut Saws, Chain Saws Hoses & Accessories, Water Pumps & Trash Pumps, Hydraulic Hand Saws

Power Tools & Accessories

Drills, Angle Grinders, Impact, Hammer Drills, Saws, and Accessories. Plus Cordless Power tools for Drilling, Grinding, and Cutting.

Pressure Washers

Nacecare™ Pressure Washers, electric, compact, and portable power washers. Pressure Washers with 1400 PSI and 1600 PSI

Scrubbers & Burnishers

Compact Floor Scrubbers, Industrial Floor Scrubbers, Twintec Battery Floor Scrubbers, Commercial Floor Scrubbers, Self Propelled Industrial Floor Scrubbers, Industrial & Healthcare Floor Scrubbers, Vairo Automatic Floor Scrubbers

Vacuums 95-250 CFM & Slurry

Silica Dust Control Table 1 Vacuums for Concrete Dust Control 95-250 CFM HEPA Vacuums and Accessories, concrete slurry control vacuums, wet vacuums for slurry, 55 Gallon drum vacuums, HEPA Certified vacuums.