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Diamond Tools

» Diamond Tools
Concrete Grinding & Polishing

Polishing pads, diamond segments, Teq-Lok segments, Dovetail segments, trapezoid diamond segments, arrowhead segments, coating removal segments, pizza segments, diamond plugs, PCD grinding segments.

Core Drill Bits

Diamond Core Drill Bits for Concrete, Asphalt, Brick and Block, Professional wet bits to dry drilling bits for reinforced concrete. Prestressed Concrete, Stone Core Bits, Concrete Core Bits, Asphalt Core Bits, Continental Tubing Core Bits.

Core Drill Bit Retiping

Silver Solder Flat Strips and Magnets for Retipping used for Core Drill Bit Retiping

Diamond Chainsaw Chain For Concrete

Diamond Chain Chainsaw Chains, Bars, and Sprockets for all brand of saws. Maxcut, Husqvarna, ICS, Diamond products, Stanley, RGC, Portner, Stihl, Cardi

Diamond Cup Wheels

Diamond Cup Wheels + PCD Wheels for Grinding and smoothing concrete masonry, brick, and block, stone, granite, marble, smoothing out joints in concrete, and floor grinding for polished concrete floors. Low Profile Grinding Wheels.

Fire Rescue Blades

Fire Rescue + Metal Cutting blades for cutting Metal, concrete, brick and block, fast cutting, works with any brand gas cut-off saw, 30% fewer sparks than carborundum blades with 5-10 times the blade life.

High Speed Diamond Blades 5-25HP Saws

Concrete Saw Blades for High-Speed Cutoff Saws, Concrete & Masonry Blades, Asphalt & Green Concrete Blades, Concrete Asphalt Combo Blades, Rescue Utility Blades, Wire Loop Widening Blades, Stone Blades, Refractory Blades.

Pro Flat Saw Blades

Professional grade High HP Pro Flat Saw Blades for gas and diesel saws 30-100+ HP. Fast cutting with the best cost per inch foot. Pro Concrete Blades, DX-S Saw Blades, Arix Pro Concrete Blades, Pro Asphalt Blades, Pro Electric Saw Blades, Arix Pro Electric Saw Blades.

Pro Green Concrete Blades

Green Concrete + Liberty Bell Blades for your Husqvarna Soft-cut® saws for use on your early-entry saws. Liberty Bell Blades, Skid Plates, Joint Widening & Wire Loop Sawing, Deco Bevel Blades, Crack Chasers, Z-Arbor Blades

Refactory Blades

Diamond Blades for refractory brick, High alumina content, refractory brick diamond saw blades, refractory blades long lasting, fast cutting in a wide range of refractory materials. High quality blades designed to provide the lowest cutting cost and highest performance.

Ring Saws & Blades

Ring Saw Blades + Drive Wheels for your Hycon and Husqvarna ring saws, and other brands of saws for fast cutting of concrete brick and block.

Stone Fabrication & Bridge Saw Blades

Stone Diamond Saw Blades for bridge saws, park bridge saw blades, cutting granite, marble, engineered stone, quartzite. 12", 14",16",18", 20" diameters for Bridge Saws, CNC Saw Jet, Bridge Saw, Track Saw Blades.

Stone Profiling & Polishing Tools

Cup Wheels, Polishing Pads, Finger Bits and Accessories

Tile & Stone Diamond Blades

Diamond Blades for all you Tile & Stone cutting needs. Diamond Blades are Great for floor tile, wall tile, porcelain tile, hard tile, and raised hub blades. Zipper blades, use on right angle grinders and wet tile saws wet/dry use blades. Continuous rim blades, turbo rim blades, and thin blades.

Tuckpointing Blades

Turbo Beveled V Crack Chaser & Tuckpointing Blades for removing mortar from between bricks to repair and renovate the wall integrity. Available in widths 250", and .375" and 4" diameter to 7" diameter. Used for rodding bar work in granite countertops for reinforcement.