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Featured Specials
Featured Specials
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Take a look at our featured specials for some of the hottest deals on your most used tools, equipment, and accessories

Diamond Tools

Tile & Stone Blades, Core Bits, Small Diameter Blades, High Speed Diamond Blades 5-25HP Saws, Pro Flat Saw Blades 35HP-100+HP Saws, Ring Saws & Blades, Diamond Cup Wheels

Construction Equipment

Core Drills, Hydraulic Tools, Vacuums 95-250 CFM & Slurry Vacuums, Scrubbers & Burnishers, Pressure Washers, Generators, Vacuums 250-600+ CFM & HEPA, Exco-KwikCore, Wall Saw, Grinding & Polishing Equipment, Power Tools, HIPPO

Parts & Accessories

Parts & Accessories for Chain Saws, Hydraulic Equiptment, Core Drills, Janitorial Equiptment, Vacuums, Blades & Cutting Tools, Chemical Accessories, Power Tools, Ring Saws and more

Abrasive Blades & Wheels

High Speed Abrasive Blades, Type 27 Abrasive, Type 1 Abrasive, Abrasive Cupwheels, Chop Saw Abrasive Blades, Wire Wheels, TEQ-Zek Grinding Wheels


Concrete Slurry, Floc and Gel Slurry Control, Concrete Hardener / Densifier, Janitorial Supplies

Silica Dust Control

Silica Dust Control, Vacuums For Silica Dust Control and Accessories.

Maintenance Supplies

Daily Cleaner for Polished Concrete Floors, Burnisher Pads, Microfiber Mop & Mop Heads