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Abrasive Blades & Wheels

» Abrasive Blades & Wheels
Abrasive Cupwheels

Chop Saw Type 11 Cup Stone, silicon carbide grain, coarse grit for tough grinding applications; Excellent for cleaning castings, Concrete forms marks, and removing flashing. Grinding Wheels for masonry and metal applications.

Chop Saw Abrasive Blades

Abrasive Blades Ideal for tradesmen tasked with cutting pipe, steel studs, angle iron, rebar, and threaded rod using a chop saw. Quick metal cutting circular saw blades for aluminum, stainless steel, and steel cutting.

High Speed Abrasive Blades

Super fast cutting Metal High-Speed Abrasive Blades for Steel and Ductile Pipe cutting. A blend of silicon carbide abrasive for cutting, aluminum oxide abrasive for extending life and multiple layers.

TEQ-Zek Grinding Wheels

4.5" & 7" TEQ-Zek Grinding Wheels For Easy removal of surface coatings, epoxies, paint, rust, or metal. Made of long-lasting silicon carbide. Intended for use on Angle Grinder.

Type 1 Abrasive Blades & Wheels

Electric Chop Saw Blades, Cut Off Wheels, Cut & Grind, High Speed Abrasive Blades, and Flush Mount Adapters. Abrasive Cut-Off Wheels made with aluminum oxide grain combination for aggressive cutting action.

Type 27 Abrasive Grinding Wheels

Type 27 Abrasive grinding wheels for ferrous metal grinding, welding prep, Leveling welds, cleaning of metal, championing metal prior to welding, Raised Hub Grinding wheels for angle grinders.

Wire Wheels & Wire Brushes

Wire Wheels and Wire Brushes for EASY Rust Removal, Paint & Coatings Removal, and Welding Prep & Cleaning.